It’s clear that all ENTREPRENEURS can SEE WHAT OTHERS CAN’T and they understand the difference between making a PLAN and EXECUTING it. There is a difference between large organiztions and startups.

You know the big difference between large organizations and startups? Rather why large organizations fail to ‘be like’ startups?
I have worked for both large enterprise and startup. Nothing beats the thrill of a startup. There is no bureaucracy with a startup which is part of the reflief that you do not get with a large company there are a lot of bureaucratic challenges, lack of accountability tops.Nobody owns the failure (and everybody wants a portion in success).
Kindly suggest What Do YOU DO to develop your ENTREPRENEURIAL VISION and SKILLS?
Furthermore, kindly share your experiences.

Recently, I asked this question on LinkedIn -What Do YOU DO to develop your ENTREPRENEURIAL VISION and SKILLS?
Here are some responses —-
On 04/13/11 10:20 PM, Mike Van Horn wrote:
Join or create a forum where you can match wits with other entrepreneurs. I lead groups of business owners. Just took 8 of them on a three day retreat to a remote house with no internet or cell connection. We took turns brainstorming on our vision, our opportunities, our challenges, our “elephants in the room.” Friendly and supportive but hard-hitting. People came away with business-changing ideas and plans. This is a great way to sharpen entrepreneurial skills among people who are already entrepreneurial.

On 04/13/11 5:45 AM, Kenneth Larson wrote:
Consider downloading the Biz Info Library Article, entitled, “Are You Prepared to Succeed in Business”, from the second, vertical “References” Box Net Cube at the below resource link. Here is an extract:

“Many entrepreneurs bemoan planning as an unproductive activity for
which they have neither the time nor skills. The shelves are stacked with
books decrying planning as a constraining exercise that keeps
entrepreneurs from doing what they do best — take the initiative, create
products, open new markets, manage “on the fly.”

If most small businesses succeeded managing “on the fly,” debating over the necessity of strategic planning would not be an issue.

Unfortunately though, 75 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years, and research has shown that many failures are attributed to a lack of direction and limited knowledge of the market, competitors, and the industry.

Strategic planning brings these factors to the forefront prior to implementation, allowing the business owner to evaluate possible roadblocks, seize opportunities, and track industry and market trends.

Michael Wert, CEO of DiMark, Inc., a Forbes 200 database marketing
company based in Langhorne, Pa., realized early on the importance of
articulating goals and strategic planning. “Initially, we did not use
strategic planning as a tool to build the business. After four to five years,
when the company had grown to 20 people and approximately $5 million
in revenues, it became a core aspect of DiMark … We applied a highly
formalized process.

We now interview clients and employees, and employ a visualization structure one to five years ahead, and use an outside facilitator … Most prominently, we employ GAP Analysis (analyze the “gaps” in the marketplace) to better understand the driving forces in our business …

We have highly articulated goals from financial and strategic perspectives … Our mission statement is always under scrutiny … (In addition), visualizing the organizational structure beforehand is critical, from now to five years from today.”
On 04/12/11 2:00 PM, Cristina Falcão wrote:
I am used to it, I have been an entrepreneur, with my lawyer firm for some years, I can’t really explain it well because it is related to the way I handle my lawyer’s practice, but so far, so good…

On 04/12/11 10:10 PM, Rajesh Mirchandani wrote:
What i think is that Every person have some Entrepreneurial Vision and Skills but it depends at what position he is and how he explains. The same skill if suggested by a junior will face criticism while referred by CEO or MD will get applause.

On 04/12/11 12:06 PM, Lindsay Nahmiache | Public Relations wrote:
I watch what other industries are doing well and then edit/apply the techniques that work for them into the PR industry… no need to reinvent the wheel, just polish it and paint it a color my clients can relate to and enjoy!
On 04/12/11 9:39 AM, Upesh Thapa wrote:
Be fearless and ambitious. As Steve Jobs puts it – if today is the last day you live would you do the things you normally do?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________
On 04/12/11 2:55 AM, Vinoth Kumar T wrote:
Entrepreneurship vision –> Its more than just Day Dreaming!

It is an unconditional wild spontaneous frame of thought that has no definition of fear and rejection. This continuous train of passion powered thoughts develops the entrepreneurial spirit within the individual. Once the idea sparks, the mind gathers momentum and is reluctant to give up in the face of fear and challenges. We can’t be too certain to say whether it is innate or developed as there are contradictory examples of leaders in both instances.

People tell ‘Visualize’ your goal first. But for the present day it is more apt that you should ‘Analyze while you Visualize’ to make it possible.

In my opinion harnessing that kind of a vision depends a lot on your Passion, Potential and Perseverance. Sadly people began to lose one or all of these three entities when they starting losing their motivation or inspiration due to mid-time failures.

Perhaps to develop that kind of vision I believe the following steps can help:

** Observe reality before your eyes
** Continue to learn and experiment new things
** Be street smart and think workarounds before starting to panic
** Do your routine tasks in a possible different way
** Accept change and experience yourself in different situations with different people
** Question more and try to solve your own riddles
** Be more effective than receptive
** Stay positive by reading real life stories of your favorite stars
(I do this by reading biographies on Wikipedia esp. Rock Singers and Music bands)
** You don’t have to be innovative perhaps you can add more meaning to an innovation. Yes, why not?
** Lastly improve your life but live it with compassion

If this doesn’t work then just relax and don’t strain hard.
Maybe you were meant to be a different person other than an Entrepreneur 


Private Note:
Hello Lalit,

Hope to see you grow as an entrepreneur.

Good Luck and God Bless !
– Vinoth
On 04/11/11 7:19 PM, Gabor Holch wrote:
Your entrepreneurial vision is a lifestyle, so it is not what what you do or what you have – it is what you are.

Having said that, everyone has an entrepreneur inside as long as they can realistically connect their passion and energy with the market as a unique selling point. Being able to do so involves a process of self-discovery and market research that can be a pain initially, but the reward is harmonizing your business with your personality. It is an energizing feeling.
On 04/11/11 7:24 PM, Chandrashekhar Ranade wrote:
Read Goals ! by Brian Tracy.To be followed by Raju Mandhyan’s book on the heART of public speaking.That is what I did .

On 04/11/11 12:32 PM, Chris Barton wrote:
Most entrepreneurial skills are innate, those that possess them do it automatically, they are unconsciously competent in what they do.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________On 04/11/11 12:29 PM, Sahar Andrade wrote:
I honestly believe that Entrepreneurs either have it or not, it is the same question for leaders: Are leaders made or born. I always believed that leaders and entrepreneurs have to have it in them somehow and develop it throughout their lives no matter what they do and that is why we saw very young billionaires like Zuckerberg, BIll Gates etc..
Enterpreneurs have to have that self confidence and that clarity on knowing what might work or not and who might help them along the way they are not so egoistical to think that they know everything but know where to go for what .
It needs perseverance, thick skin, analytical powers and very hard work and the ability to put a team together
My very simple 3 cents
On 04/11/11 12:12 PM, Jane B. Ford wrote:
I start each day online to learn something new…sometimes directly related to work, sometimes not.

I read a wide variety of books from conspiracy novels to health focused books, from business texts to faith based works…and much more.

I spend time in conversation with fascinating people from all walks of life and volunteer with a variety of charities.

I participate in two Mastery groups, one work related and one spiritual…and both increase my vision and skills in the world of business.

On 04/11/11 12:04 PM, Lee Syndergaard wrote:
Do a whole lotta reading and networking. I read Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines, you can find blogs on Google, and I’ve recently joined a couple of local networking groups, and I’m enrolling in seminars, networking events, etc. Basically, just like with anything else, if you want to get better at it, do a lot of it. Rubbing shoulders with those who share the same passions as you do will create synergies, ideas, and will serve to feed your fire!

On 04/11/11 10:02 AM, Dinesh Divekar wrote:
Dear Lalit,

The best thing is to learn and implement proverbs of various languages in our day today life. Living as per the proverbs is broader part and how to do it requires knowledge of management.

You have asked about vision. However, entrepreneur requires sight then foresight and hindsight and then comes the vision.

Dinesh V Divekar
On 04/14/11 4:03 PM, Abhishek Singh wrote:
I have been an entrepreneur for sometime now. I have been on both sides of the winning line and I can tell you something simple. When you are starting something new, almost every one around you will tell you that you will fail, simply because it’s ‘something new’. Then if it works out, everyone will say that you had skill and vision. And if it fails, it’s the usual ‘i told you so’ routine.

So just believe in what you are thinking or wanting to do and do it. There’s no better day than today and you don’t need more skill than you already have. All you need is the hunger to succeed and the ability to pick yourself up every time you fail.
On 04/14/11 2:56 PM, Chris Benjamin wrote:
Read lots, books & blogs, and always be looking to learn & grow.
On 04/16/11 6:10 AM, Daryl Connelly wrote:
G’day Lalit. Today I just finished a University of Tasmania unit on this very topic! I suggest you check out our lecturer’s website, as he has some good ideas and resources. Good luck with it all. Cheers.

On 04/17/11 7:17 PM, Kristi Jackson, MBA, Real Estate Broker wrote:
Constantly read and educate myself, connect with other entrepreneurs, even in unrelated businesses so that I can think outside the box and keep my ideas fresh. Also starting networking groups for other entrepreneurs to join so that I am constantly the elbow of every deal and constantly connected. We’re in Houston, Texas but look below.

Kristi L. Jackson,MBA


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