Branding and Marketing

Branding is creating image in the mind of consumers say if your hear name of Lalit Bhojwani what image comes in your mind ?
That image in your mind is branding. Simple a Genius.
Marketing is deliberate effort created by any organization or any individual say Lalit Bhojwani is creating an image in your mind by posting this blog in Social Media. That is called Marketing.
Above both terms have been defined in simple words. Although I have asked a question on Linkedin about branding and marketing i.e.-
What are the main differences between branding and marketing?
and here are some great responses are :-

On 08/17/11 8:20 PM, Ilan Patao wrote:
Branding, establishing a presence.
Marketing, targeting an audience to be aware of your presence.

On 08/17/11 8:47 PM, Alan Mattano wrote:
From a Designer perspective:
Marketing= The study of the market. From the fundamental bases.
The research by data in the market of plausibility of new, better, cannibalism, etc. You make a decision from that data evolution. Usually following the market (in my experiences: after or late decisions). Marketing Follows Branding because is not made by invention starting point or from 0.

Branding= The staring point; usually feelings.
Making new from nothing. Creating the bases of feelings of the clients by the logo, color, font, shapes and curves of products in 2d and 3d. Making new resolving problems by Inspiration in feelings and experience of making the market. You make the Market identity. The staring point and innovation. Branding ARE the fundamentals bases. Alan Mattano

On 8/18/11 3:47 AM, Alan Mattano added the following clarification:
Marketing, analyse the fundamental bases and the market reaction inside the market itself. Creates Politics and ideas outside the surface of the product. Example if you do not sell, you make publicity. That’s marketing.
Branding, you making the inside “il cuore” and the outside skin shapes identity of the product. Example: if you do not sell in a sector you create a new Hi Quality Company name, font, logo, color, product,shape, solutions, etc.
On 08/17/11 9:09 PM, Al Macintyre wrote:
You can trademark a brand, or otherwise get intellectual property protection, but need lawyers to protect it.

Marketing is actually telling the public about your product or service, in what you say does not have to be the truth, except in some industries where there are laws which will trip you up if you caught lying.
On 08/17/11 9:15 PM, Lionel Sim wrote:

I will say that branding is a subset of marketing. Marketing covers a spectrum of area like pricing, distribution and also integrated marcom. The main difference is that branding creates the experiential component of marketing and relates to perception shaping. This core will help to build on other marketing tactics like pricing, promotion and distribution. Hope that helps. Thanks.
On 08/17/11 9:20 PM, Dr. Igor Schwartzman, ND wrote:
Branding = your belief
Marketing = telling your audience about it
On 08/17/11 9:35 PM, Peter Baldwin wrote:
Dr. Schwartzman comes closest.

Branding = creating your image (although your brand ultimately is determined by the public)

Marketing = activities that cause the public to want to know more about what you sell

On 08/17/11 10:31 PM, Nivesh Jain wrote:
Branding revolves around the idea of establishing yourself as a well-known, talked-about and highly-thought-of entity. When you are branding your company or your product, the focus is not on selling it but to make people aware about it, respect it and desire it. Branding is when people want to associate with your company/product not because it is good but because people have a high opinion about it.

Marketing is done with different objectives. Here, the ultimate goal is to sell. You don’t particularly care about being exceptionally revered and discussed as long as you are meeting your sales targets. Here the idea is to convey information related to your product/service/company to your target market such that people get interested in buying it and maybe recommending it to their friends.

To understand with an example, why do you think people desire to buy a Rolex; not because the watches are exceptionally better than the rest, but because Rolex has done the branding right. If you wear a Rolex, it earns you admiration and respect from your peers. All those people who have the opinion that Rolex is the supreme watch do not own one, but they all do desire it. That is what branding is all about.

Private Note:
Hey Lalit,
I hope my answer helped. Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification.
On 08/17/11 10:45 PM, Darcy Walters-Robles wrote:
Brand is perception
Marketing is creating awareness and trying to manage the perception
On 08/18/11 1:46 AM, Jeff SKI Kinsey wrote:
Clueless. Almost all the answers about “marketing” are just wrong. Marketing is not advertising. It is not selling. It is not telling lies.

Marketing is figuring out that ducks like corn. It is a verb. See link.

Branding is subset or more like the result of marketing done well, usually very customer centric. Think Kleenex. Or Intel inside.

Don’t forget to ask about positioning.

On 08/18/11 3:15 AM, Amy Rutter wrote:
Branding helps mould a company – brand values set how a customer perceives you, your personality and ultimately reflects your corporate identity.

Branding is shaped by your logo, the design of your website, signage, print materials and stationary.

Marketing is promoting that brand.
On 08/18/11 5:38 AM, Terry Irwin wrote:
Branding is a value proposition: a collection of images, thoughts, feelings, associations and words that show the outside world what your business is and who it serves.

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the
development, pricing, promotion and distribution of products
and services to targeted customers.

Please visit these links for more information:


On 08/18/11 5:53 AM, Adam Karwoski wrote:
Dr. Igor Schwartzman, ND above said it best.
Branding is projecting what you believe
Marketing is telling your target audience
On 08/18/11 7:28 AM, Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh wrote:
I would say marketing is part of branding and branding is part of marketing they cant exist without each other it is like the chicken or the egg
You need to brand yourself or your product or services to be able to market them properly, but without marketing no one will know about your brand
Branding: Is the image you reflect to people, is the perception people get about you or your product or service, it is the promise of what you will deliver – it is the tangible and intangible values you add as a brand
Marketing: Is letting people know that your brand without going to details it involves the marketing mix, the 4Ps and the SWOT analysis
On 08/18/11 9:26 AM, Vijay Vasu wrote:

1. Branding is what you are , ie Gucci, Rolex, Chevron. Its your identity/logo/perception/position in the consumer/clients mind

2.Marketing is what you do to achieve all the above.

On 08/18/11 4:47 PM, Anagha Sheth wrote:
Branding and Marketing are not two separate functions, and cannot be considered in isolation, because “marketing” is “brand-building.”

The ultimate objective of marketing or branding is to increase the market share of a company. Branding makes the customers feel that they are “buying” the product or service versus someone trying to “sell” it to them. Hence, branding also serves a function of “pre-sell” by setting the customer expectations.

Though it sounds illogical, it is quite likely that the concept of marketing will become obsolete and the term “branding” will take its place in the coming years.
On 08/18/11 9:58 PM, Cristina Falcão wrote:
Branding – Taking the time to really understand the identity, philosophy and personality of the ‘thing’. I use the term ‘thing’ because you are a brand, Amazon is a brand and Snickers is a brand. If you’re in it for the long game then taking time to understand your brand so you can communicate this (Marketing) is crucial. If on the other hand you’re more like Del Boy, trading the next big thing because this time next year you’re going to be a millionaire, then you can skip this stage.

Marketing – The conversation between you and your market. Now there are many ways you can have this conversation and of course you need to be clear what you want to say. Equally it’s important that the conversations you get in to are fruitful, meaningful and therefore with the right people. If you don’t know what you’re really about, or who your market really is, then this conversation is going to be messy, frustrating (possible for both you and them) and expensive


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” -Jeff Bezos

Marketing tells your (business) story. The business positions itself to earn the good reputation (branding) by doing things well (customer service, quality, etc.)

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