Social Networking Websites and their importance in Small Businesses

Social Media, Social Networking, Online Networking and Internet Marketing— these are words we hear everyday and get confused. What is the meaning of above words ? In simple words these are the platforms, tools and medium to communicate your message Globally and Locally. And communication of message is advertising for detail please follow my earlier Blog ———-p1t4mg-37

Now the second important question is What is the importance of social networking sites for Small Businesses? Before answering this question we have to understand the challenges that Small Businesses are facing today. What is the biggest challenge for Small Business Owners?

The answer is very simple and hidden in its word itself. That word is small, (Small business-small revenue- small profits – small thinking – small dreams – small goals ). Now the utmost challenge is how to convert this word small into big.

So my dear friends every small business can become global through proper marketing and advertising. We are now living in era of social boom that is why Social Networking websites are very important. So what are you waiting for? Use these platforms, take advantage of social boom and be global like multinational companies.
The second great benefit of these sites for small business is — You can get instant feedback about your product or services so that you can improve your product or services very quickly.
The third great benefit is– at the same time these sites provides a great learning opportunity for SMEs.
But at the same time there are some side effects of social media as well. But don`t worry Electricity and LPG Gas also have some side effects but we use it.
Take a lesson from this article and be Global.

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