Great Quotes Written By Lalit Bhojwani

Lalit Bhojwani

Lalit Bhojwani

1. “Long ago a man said that the earth is round but people laughed at him and declared him mental patient.Now we all know who were fool that time.” Lalit Bhojwani

2. “A good sales person is not only one who can sell others products and services but one who can sell his strength at a good cost at any time.” Lalit Bhojwani

3. “I am sure 3rd world war will be fought with E-mails, PPTs, SMSs and Social Networking Websites.” Lalit Bhojwani

4. “Beat me with the truth, don’t torture me with lies.” Lalit Bhojwani

5. “No doubt dealing with people is like digging gold but be careful where you throw the dirt.” Lalit Bhojwani

6. “If u want perform better than you have to believe in yourself.” Lalit Bhojwani

7. “So what if People don’t care how much knowledge you have,don’t stop and keep getting it as there is no substitute for knowledge.” Lalit Bhojwani

8. “So what if the pawn and king go to the same box when chess game is over. But the king still goes with the crown.” Lalit Bhojwani

9. “We can forget all the problems and tension when we sleep above the water or Lap of beautiful nature. Nature gives us force to overcome all the complexity.” Lalit Bhojwani

10. “Who said – Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.I know at least 1000 problems solved by milk and water.” Lalit Bhojwani

11. “The Sun can handle the clouds, but it cant fight with an eclipse. Lalit Bhojwani

12. “Yes,my dictionary is not incomplete and there is a word called “impossible”: but it means failure is impossible.” Lalit Bhojwani

13. “Choosing least popular path does not necessarily mean wrong path. Sometimes it can be the best path.” Lalit Bhojwani

14. “Everybody enjoys teaching, why don`t everybody enjoy learning?” Lalit Bhojwani

15. “I don`t understand why can`t you learn the new and interesting way of learning? Why do you fear to change the old and boring ways of learning.” Lalit Bhojwani

16. “Doing the things perfectly is more important or being perfect is more important?” Lalit Bhojwani

17. “There is a big difference between crazy and mad and that difference is the most important factor that determines your happiness, success and winning.” Lalit Bhojwani

18. “Change your thoughts and you Change Your Focus.Change Your Actions and you Change Your Habits.Change you habits and you change result” Lalit Bhojwani

19. “Life is all about teaching and learning.Either you are teaching or learning something.” Lalit Bhojwani

20. “No one is too big to practice courtesy in the world of social Media world.” Lalit Bhojwani

21. “Learning is the DNA of Remarkable Leadership.” Lalit Bhojwani

22. “Anyone can be a star but it takes hard work to be a #superstar.” Lalit Bhojwani

23. “Tell me about a person`s fake profile in online world. I will tell you about his integrity.” Lalit Bhojwani

24. “”ENTHUSIASM” is the key to #success and secret of success.” Lalit Bhojwani

25. “Every morning when I wake up I feel world is better than yesterday. How do you feel ?” Lalit Bhojwani

26. “You learn the fastest whe you enjoy the process of learning.” Lalit Bhojwani

27. “Learn or don`t learn. There is no TRY.” Lalit Bhojwani

28. “If you want to build a better INDIA, then do one thing “build yourself better”. Lalit Bhojwani

29. “People who make fake profiles on Social Media do not deserve to teach us what is right or what is wrong.” Lalit Bhojwani

30. “Morning is the best time because Morning comes with a new day, new hopes, new opportunities and it`s up to you turn the day into a Great day.” Lalit Bhojwani

31. “The worst enemy of writing is self doubt.” Lalit Bhojwani

32. “Twitter is a good and powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” Lalit Bhojwani

33. “Integrity without courage is useless and courage without integrity is meaningless.” Lalit Bhojwani

34. “Leadership is inspiration and if you are not inspiring you are not a leader.” Lalit Bhojwani

35. “I cannot assure you that you will be able to achieve your goals if you write them, but I can assure you that you will not achieve your goals if you don`t write them.” Lalit Bhojwani

36. “Rise above mediocrity, get competitive edge and be a world class competitor instead of wasting time in strikes. Strike is not a solution and you can not run away from problems. Find a better way and you can find it.” Lalit Bhojwani

37 “Sometimes discipline drains the great creativity.” Lalit Bhojwani

38. “Mediocre people will continue their mediocrity, but they can not stop a Genius.” Lalit Bhojwani

39. “Mediocrity always get confused between wisdom and cleverness.” Lalit Bhojwani

40. “Craziness encourages creativity not discipline.” Lalit Bhojwani

41. “Your problem isn’t the problem.Your attitude towards the problem is the problem.” Lalit Bhojwani

42. “Passion may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without Passion.” Lalit Bhojwani

43. “Fortunately or unfortunately we are all going towards one and the same direction ->DEATH.” Lalit Bhojwani

44. “The opposite of learning is not unlearning,it is ‘not learning’.Learning & unlearning both are important in winning.” Lalit Bhojwani

45. “If you want to learn fast, forget comfort and ease fast.” Lalit Bhojwani

46. “You cannot learn something new without changing something old. Change always brings some new learning opportunities.” Lalit Bhojwani

47. “I don`t know about winning or losing, but I know one thing – if you give your best, you will get success sooner or later.” Lalit Bhojwani

48. “There are two main functions of “words” expressing your thoughts and hiding your thoughts.” Lalit Bhojwani

49. “The true value of any good opportunity is known when it is missed.” Lalit Bhojwani

50. “I practice, therefore I win.” Lalit Bhojwani

51. “I learn, therefore I am.” Lalit Bhojwani

52. “Learn in adversity and success will follow you.” Lalit Bhojwani

53. “Life is a process of learning and you are always learning Whether You Like It or Not.” Lalit Bhojwani

54. “Leadership is inspiration and if you are not inspiring others, then you are not a leader.” Lalit Bhojwani

55. “I don`t know practice makes perfect or better, but I am sure practice makes winner and lack of it losers.” Lalit Bhojwani

56. “Career without failures is like food without salt.” Lalit Bhojwani

57. “Winning without learning is not possible.” Lalit Bhojwani

58. “It does not matter what u think,only thing that matters is what you believe.Your belief is more important than ur thoughts.” Lalit Bhojwani

59. “The most unlucky man is who has never failed.” Lalit Bhojwani

60. “Ability ensures you that you are able to solve a complicated problem but attitude is whether you will solve it or not.” Lalit Bhojwani

61. “You can learn anything, if you are not afraid to try” Lalit Bhojwani

62. “If you Love stability, don’t hire Leaders.” Lalit Bhojwani

63. “The good news is you can achieve success without hard work.The bad news is you cannot maintain it without hard work.” Lalit Bhojwani

64. “Learning is not an advantage as everybody learns, but learning fast & better is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Lalit Bhojwani

65. “If you are in my team and don`t perform well, that’s not your fault; it’s mine.” Lalit Bhojwani

66. “It does not matter what u think,only thing that matters is what you believe.Your belief is more important than your thoughts.” Lalit Bhojwani

67. “It does not matter what u think,only thing that matters is what you believe.Your belief is more important than your thoughts.” Lalit Bhojwani

68. “If you do not enjoy your work then it is called hard work and if you enjoy your work it is called passion.” Lalit Bhojwani

69. “Ability ensures that you can solve a complicated problem and attitude ensures whether you solve it or not.” Lalit Bhojwani

70. “You have no right to complain about any issue or about any problem, if you are not trying and willing to be part of the solution.” Lalit Bhojwani

71. “If you are seeing difficulties & problems you are going to lose, If you seeing opportunities & challenges you are going to win.” Lalit Bhojwani

72. “If you are focusing on your limitations & weaknesses you are going to lose,If you are focusing on your potentials & strengths you are going to win.” Lalit Bhojwani

73. “Failure is the daughter of negative attitude.” Lalit Bhojwani

74. “If you are regretting more and more, you are getting older and older. To be always young – Never Regret only Learn.” Lalit Bhojwani

75. “Life is not a problem to be solved, but without solving problems you cannot enjoy the life.” Lalit Bhojwani

76. “We are not living in information age, we are living in the age of information overload.” Lalit Bhojwani

77. “Change your thoughts & you Change your focus.Change your focus you change your actions, Change your actions &you Change your habits.Change your habits & you change result.” Lalit Bhojwani

78. “Who says kids fail? They never fail. Only parents and teachers fail.” Lalit Bhojwani

79. “Succeed more.People will forget your failures and use them like adjectives to make your new success story.” Lalit Bhojwani

80. “If you want to make more sales, talk less and listen more.” Lalit Bhojwani

81. “Success it the girl friend of Positive Attitude.” Lalit Bhojwani

82. “Only passion will lead you towards your destination. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.” Lalit Bhojwani

83. “If you are learning some hard things without hard work, it is you passion.” Lalit Bhojwani

84. “If you are not honest with yourself, you cannot be honest with others.” Lalit Bhojwani

85. “Your achievements and accomplishments are more important than your experience and memories.” Lalit Bhojwani

86. “If you do not expect miracles you are not a realistic.” Lalit Bhojwani

87. “If you are immune to make mistakes, you are immune to learn.” Lalit Bhojwani

88. “Everyone is born with passion but few are passionate to follow their passion.” Lalit Bhojwani

89. “If you are fearing of failure,you should not dream big. The bigger the dream the bigger the possibility of failure.” Lalit Bhojwani

90. “Life is less about luck and more about attitude.” Lalit Bhojwani

91. “Your thinking shapes your attitude and your attitude shapes your life.” Lalit Bhojwani

92. “Learn from the past, Plan for the future, live in the present, but above all enjoy every moment.” Lalit Bhojwani

93. “Your problem isn’t the problem. Your attitude towards the problem is the problem.” Lalit Bhojwani

94. “Your best years are ahead of you and this year is chief among them.” Lalit Bhojwani

95. “Passion may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without Passion.” Lalit Bhojwani

96. “Don’t get confused between cleverness and wisdom. You can get success with cleverness, but to enjoy it you have to be wise.” Lalit Bhojwani

97. “I LEARN therefore I am.” Lalit Bhojwani

98. “Your ability to inspire determines your capability to lead.” Lalit Bhojwani

99. “The more you inspire, the better you lead.” Lalit Bhojwani

100. “Lions do not write lion on their head. They are known by their actions.” Lalit Bhojwani

101. “Why are you selling? No one likes to be sold. Solve problems instead, as everyone likes to find solution for their problems.” Lalit Bhojwani

102. “If you want to lose regret, if you want to win learn.” Lalit Bhojwani
103. “Learning is the solution to failure.” Lalit Bhojwani
104. “Be wise, everybody is clever.” Lalit Bhojwani
105. “If honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom then integrity is the last chapter. In between you have to explore your own chapters.” Lalit Bhojwani
106. “Your problem becomes a challenge if you see it as a challenge.” Lalit Bhojwani
107. “How you lead yourself determines how you lead others.” Lalit Bhojwani
108. “Everyone who is afraid to fail, remains failure.” Lalit Bhojwani
109. “To solve complex problems, you need to think simple.” Lalit Bhojwani
110. “If you take care of your thoughts, they will take care of you.” Lalit Bhojwani
111. “If you do not want to achieve your goal, set it without timeline.” Lalit Bhojwani
112. “It is much more difficult to measure potential than performance.” Lalit Bhojwani
113. “No idea is also an idea.” Lalit Bhojwani
114. “No idea is better than wrong idea.” Lalit Bhojwani
115. “Without hard work you can get success but you cannot be successful.” Lalit Bhojwani
116. “Passion is the source of consistent happiness.Without it money,fame,prestige & power are useless to keep u consistently happy. Lalit Bhojwani
117. The greatest power is the power to inspire. Lalit Bhojwani
118. If you are failing to try, you are succeeding to fail. Lalit Bhojwani
119. Leaders who aren’t inspired by others can’t inspire others. Lalit Bhojwani
120. Great bosses know when you need pats on the back and kicks in the pants. Lalit Bhojwani
121. Leadership is more than influence. It is inspiration. Lalit Bhojwani
122. Tomorrow is an illusion. It never comes. Lalit Bhojwani
123. Quit the habit of quitting. Lalit Bhojwani
124. A weak comedian cannot crack a good joke without using shallow word. Lalit Bhojwani
125. A weak comedian needs dirty words to crack a good joke. Lalit Bhojwani
126. Having problems is not a problem. Not trying to solve them is a problem. Lalit Bhojwani

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